Our core values


  1. Be evangelical

  2. Be a family

  3. Be mosaic

  4. Participate

  5. Walk

  6. Integrate

1.  Be evangelical - like all evangelical churches in Sion, in the canton of  Valais and in Switzerland, we want to

  • invest in sharing till the "ends of the world" a living faith in Jesus Christ our Saviour,

  • challenge one another to love God and our neighbour, core values nourished by the Bible.

Logo Cross Sion mosaique evangélique eglise

2.  Be a welcoming family - we want to live relationships of trust and support.


3.  Be mosaic - In our part of the canton of Valais the culture is French and is the main culture of our community. Nevertheless in our meetings we encourage all cultures to express themselves according to our six core values presented on this page.

4. Participate - women and men, young and old, from close by or from far away lands - all are encouraged to participate and to do everything God puts on their hearts and minds to do.

5.  Walk - everyone walks and progresses at his or her own speed. That's why we are challenged to love each other, encourage each other and respect each other.

6.  Integrate - We want to live in such a way that our world will be a better place today than it was yesterday.  We are commited to mutual help, social engagement and integrity, all done in love.