We are...

Our church is a member of the evangelical alliance. In French-speaking Switzerland it is called "Réseau évangélique suisse".

Our federation is a gathering of about 100 local churches in Switzerland. In the canton of Valais churches from our federation welcome visitors in Sierre and in St Maurice.  Fortunately there are many other evangelical churches in our canton as well.

Logo Cross Sion mosaique evangélique eglise

We come from various countries and meet together to be challenged by God to a life of service.

We need each other, just as a mosaic derives its beauty from its many colours. Come and meet with us according to your possibilities. Enhance the mosaic by adding your colour and shape. Just as "little stones" have their place in the big picture, each of us can contribute to a master piece!

In Sion it is our privilege to have positive relationships with many denominations.